Horse Hotel

Camping with horses made stress free!

At Heavenly Horse Stables our goal is to help you sleep easier so you can enjoy what you came here for, camping your horses, and the trails. We currently offer stalls ($25 a day +$5 for bedding) and paddocks ($20 a day per horse up to 4 horses per paddock).

What do we provide?
-stall or paddock
-shavings (stocked in “bedding stall”)
-access to fresh water
-a wheelbarrow and pitch fork.

We ask you to bring your own hay, feed, and water bucket. And to please help keep the facility clean by assisting with daily removal of manure from stall/paddock (wheelbarrow and pitch fork will be available. )

10866 Cedar Lake Rd. Pinckney MI 48169

Call 248.535.4226 to book your horse's stay