All horseback riding services require 48 hours in advance reservations and are by appointment only

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Private Appointment:

Private appointments are for ages 3-103! Sign up for a 30 or 60 minute appointment time. During a lesson riders will have ground and mounted instruction. Perfect for first time riders, indivduals working towards personal goals, or riders with a varied schedule. 

Private Appointment: $45 per hour. Can add a second rider. 

Guided Trail Rides:

Enjoy Pinckney State Recreation Area on Horseback! Trail Rides are for experienced riders, all rides will start in the arena for everyone in the group to be comfortable with their equine partner before hitting the trails. If riders do not have proper control of their horses in the arena, we will continue with a power lesson and take a shorter trail ride. Must be 9years old, walk only, with some difficult terrain. 

Gruided Trail Ride (Max 4 Riders): $60 per rider

Day Camp - Click Here to see available options

Kids get hands on with the daily care of horses and learn basic safety tips, groom and tack their horse, ride in a group lesson and complete a craft and more. Please bring a sack lunch, dress for the weather and prepare for fun days with horses!

Horsemanship Club - Click here to join!

The HHS Horsemanship Club is an educational and social group for indivduals to gain horsemanship skills with and on horses. 

Our verison of leasing, only better! Ride in a minimum of 4 lessons a month and have access to the HHS Lesson Herd when they are not in programs. Learn about all the ins and out of leasing and horse ownership. Membership includes horse, tack, group/private lessons, personal rides, monthly member only events, free My Horse Program, access to private facebook group of community & education, and Leadership opportunities. 

Sign up to assist with daily care of the hhs program animals. 

Members recieve a 25% discount on HHS Riding Opportunites (Trail Rides, Private Lessons, Clinics, Events Rental Space) 

$320 per session. Sessions run weekly on the same day and time (skip holidays) for 8 - 90min lessons. Time include grooming, tacking, and riding. 

**Homeschool sessions are $400 for the session and run for 3-4hours depending on age***

Fall: Starts week of Sept 26th


  • Western 1: Mondays 5:00pm-6:30pm
    • Intro to Western riding, learn the basics of how to start, stop and steer. All while experiencing a barrel pattern and more. 
  • Western 2: Mondays 6:30pm-8:00pm
    • Enjoy the thrill of western patterns at a walk and trot, begin to understand speed and balance together. 


  • Homeschool Ages 5-7: Tuesdays 11am-2pm
    • A blend of physical education, academics and horsemanship. 
  • Drill Team: Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm
    • Enjoy time with friends learning patterns and riding them together with music.
  • Boys ONLY: Tuesdays 5:00pm-6:30pm
    • Working to build the next generation of horseman and giving the guys a time to bond together!
  • Giddy Up: Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm
    • Perfect for the first time rider, or rider unsure of discipline to ride. Enjoy western, English, bareback and trail riding!


  • Morning Meditations & Trail Ride: Wednesdays 10:00am-11:30am
    • Relax to a guided meditation (on horseback) before enjoying the beauty of Pinckney Recreation Trails
  • English 1: Wednesdays 5:00pm-6:30pm
    • Intro to English riding styles. Learn the basics of how to start, stop and steer your horse. All while learning course work and muscle memory for jumping. 


  • Homeschool Ages 8-12: Thursdays 10am-2pm
    • A blend of physical education, academics and horsemanship.
  • Trail Riding: Thursdays 3:30pm-5:00pm
    • Simply enjoy time with horses and the outdoors. 

Winter: Starts week of January 9th

Spring: Starts week of April 17th

Horseback Riding - Sessions

Horseback Riding