Jenn grew up loving horses as a child and rode her first horse at the age of 9. She was volunteering in the barn at 12 and teaching beginners lessons by 17. Jenn is now a certified instructor through The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and is also the Michigan Representative for CHA. Jenn hopes to bring forth her best knowledge and passion to each individual that comes to Heavenly Horse Stables to begin, improve or pursue their equine goals. Learn more about The Certified Horsemanship Association at
Girl Scouts! Jenn is an active Girl Scout, she would love to work with your troop! Contact her about how horses work into journeys, badges and take action projects!

Call 810-844-1349 to book your next horse experiance today!

Meet Our Director!

Riding Lessons

Lessons are for 60minutes in length with approximately 30-40mins of riding

  • Private lesson/Trail Ride: $45 per hour
    • $250 for 6 lessons
  • Group Lesson/Trail Ride: $40 per hour (up to 6 riders)
    • $150 for 4 lessons (must be used within 6 weeks)
    • $250 for 8 lessons (must be used within 10 weeks)

Leasing: $250 per month

  • 1 weekly group lesson with HHS instructor
  • 3 practice rides- 2 hour on your own  (or 2 additional group/trail rides)
  • First rights to horse for lessons/programs/ clinics/trail rides


Trail Rides | $40-$50 per hour

Instructor Lessons

Are you ready to help share your horse knowledge with others? Lessons are about safety standards, risk management, and teaching techniques. Participants will be required to assist with grooming, tacking and cleaning up after their horses. Be prepared to practice teaching horsemanship and riding.

Girl Scouts | $20-40

We provide introductory lessons for girls to discover horses, then we dive into a Leadership Journey and relate it to the horse industry. ALL SCOUT TROOPS Please review your Safety Activity Checkpoints and the Junior Horseback Riding Badge booklet before joining us at the barn. Check out our Girl Scout Programs.

Enjoy Pinckney State Recreation Area on Horseback! Trail Rides are for experienced riders, all rides will start in the arena for everyone in the group to be comfortable with their equine partner before hitting the trails. If riders do not have proper control of their horses in the arena, we will continue with a ‘power lesson’ and take a shorter trail ride. Must be 9years old, walk only, with some difficult terrain.