Horses Are More than a Hobby





Horsemanship Club:

The Pinckney Horsemanship Club was created to provide an educational and social group for youth to gain horsemanship skills. 

Club members are able to sign up daily to assist the HHS staff the the AM & PM feeding and care of the HHS program animals. 

Members are offered volunteer leadership opporutnites when we have beginner group programs.

Members recieve a 25% discount on HHS riding opportunites (Trail Rides, Private Lessons, Clinics, Event Space Rental) 

BASIC CLUB MEMBERS ($100 per month)

A total of 2 hours of riding per month

RIDER CLUB MEMBERS ($150 per month)

Includes 4 hours of instructional riding and 4 hours of addtional ride time


All the above benefits with an unlimited access to the HHS horses when horses are not in program. 

Group Lessons:

Group lessons are are excellent place for riders to learn from and with each other though observation and games. 

H is for Horses (Ages 3-5)

Work on balance, confidence and large motor skills while working around horses and friends. Every week kids will ride in a lead-line lesson to work on independent movement and verbal communications. Once riders are demonstrating attention and skills they will progress to independent ridings

Horsemanship 101 (Ages 6-106)

Perfect for riders of all ages who are interested in learning/practice the skills of basics horsemanship. 30mins of grooming & tracking, 30mins of riding. Riding lessons cover topics: use of natural aid at the walk, group riding awareness, and basic riding patterns.

Level 1 Progressive Riding
Riders build confidence, control and balance through walk and trot exercies and games. Riders will work together through grooming, tacking and mounting during class. *Prerequisite: Horsemanship 101

Level 2 riders (walk/trot/canter) 
Utlize your natural aids to fluidily communicate with your equine partner through the walk/trot/canter. Riders must have horses groomed and tacked before lesson time *Prerequisite: Certificate CHA Level 1 or evaluation ride (Horsemanship 101)